Youth Olympic Games Singapur

In 2010, the very first Youth Olympic Summer Games took place – and I was part of it! The German Olympic Sports Association had invited me to Singapore to accompany the German Juniors National Team in all disciplines. Well ahead of the event, the German athletes, trainers, physicians, physiotherapists and other supporters teamed up at the Youth Olympic Day in Berlin.

On 10th August, we finally flew to Singapore. I was responsible for the physiotherapy before, during and after the competition. What I liked in addition was the chance to network with athletes and other sport physiotherapists from all over the world. In close cooperation with the physicians we supported the athletes for three weeks of competition and enabling best possible achievements. The results of these Youth Olympic Summer Games are impressive: four times gold, nine times silver and nine times bronze for Germany.




Youth Olympic Games Innsbruck

Two years after the great success of the first Youth Olympic Games the first winter edition of this mega event took place. The Youth Olympic Winter Games 2012 were spread over the Austrian locations Innsbruck, Seefeld and Kühtai. I supported athletes from all disciplines also during this Olympiad. Taking part as a physiotherapist again meant a great experience for me: The spirit in the Olympic Village and the get together of all nations was unforgettable. And, needless to say, it was amazing to see how the athletes I had supported during the competition finally won medals. What is more: The German team was the most successful team during these Youth Olympic Games.






DSV Support of the German National Team, Nordic combined

betreuung dsv1During my work at the renowned rehabilitation clinic Medical Park St. Hubertus in Bad Wiessee, Germany, I got the chance to serve with the Nordic Combined team over the course of two years in the World Cup. With fully mobile equipment for physiotherapy I accompanied the team to all sports locations. During the competitions I waited directly at the ski-jump or cross-country ski-run to assist in the case of an injury. Throughout the day athletes came by to get therapy for their recent injuries or regeneration or prophylactic treatment. This constant support enabled the athletes to successfully master the demanding and challenging winterseason with a lot of competitions. The German athletes were forefront in this World Cup.






Slatco Sterzenbach

slatco sterzenbach

As a sevenfold IRONMAN and professional keynote speaker on topics such as motivation and preventative health I am always looking for the most efficient techniques and methods to increase performance capability without compromising health. As former personal trainer I appreciate the high efficiency of this professional support.

Osteopathy has convinced me several times now as a method for expert both to examine and treat people with their hands only, in a very quick and efficient way. Maik Schwarzbach combines both skills which is absolutely rare!

With Maik Schwarzbach I found an expert who not only relieved me from my back pain in only three sessions – after months of pain and unsuccessful visits to doctors. What is more, Maik Schwarzbach is a very empathic and versatile man who is able to advise his clients superbly in a holistic approach.
I can really recommend everyone to try a personal training session with him. This will change your life, and you will be able to achieve your goals far quicker and healthier!

Slatco Sterzenbach – keynote speaker, extreme athlete

Elke Bremsteller

In March 2011, my orthopedist sent me to Mr Schwarzbach because of severe hip pain. His treatment reduced the pain considerably, but a hip operation was no longer avoidable.
In July 2012, I got a total hip replacement and was lucky enough to start the post-operative treatment with Mr Schwarzbach immediately after. The intensive program and the splendid Personal Training enabled me to regain mobility.

My performance capability has such increased that I can fully enjoy life again.

Above all, I owe this to Mr Schwarzbach. With his positive thinking and cheerfulness he kept encouraging and motivating me, and he mobilized me with varying and demanding exercises – I feel better now than I'd ever done before the operation.

Physiotherapeutic treatment by Mr Maik Schwarzbach

In August 2012, I turned to Maik Schwarzbach with severe pain; he then treated me intensively for ten months. I just had undergone an operation at my left shoulder (arthroscopy addressing impingement syndrome, partly rotator cuff rupture, hypertrophic osteoarthritis), had a handicap after an operation of my right shoulder resulting in a frozen shoulder (post-operative complex regional pain syndrome), a rotator cuff reconstruction after a rupture. In addition, my sliding vertebra (L4/L5) was painful and I had problems with my feet (bunion) and my hands (arthrosis) … His treatment, a series of excellent exercises for home, and also psychologically motivating talks and advice made my pain go. And I can manage my remaining deficiencies! Both shoulders are fully operative again and my mobility is back. I must emphasize the sensitive and deep understanding of Mr Schwarzbach and his “magic” hands, which make him sense the cause of the problems. I appreciate the determination with which he finds out complex circumstances and the ideal way of treatment. Continuously he has taken part in courses to extend his knowledge and expertise that have resulted in him becoming an extremely competent therapist.

My husband also was treated by Mr Schwarzbach (impingement and arthrosis on the shoulder); even his knee problems after an osteotomy got better.
Finally, Maik Schwarzbach helped my son who had tried to loose weight for years already without success. Intestinal repair made him loose weight, feel better, gain energy. Due to his profession as an emergency paramedic with varying shifts he had not taken great care over good nutrition. Disturbed biorhythm and stress at work had caused overweight and the well-known yo-yo effect after every diet. Now he pays attention to good nutrition. Maiks coaching was a valuable aid for him.

E. M-L aus M.