Nutrition Counseling


Food is for the body what oil and fuel are for an engine. It is important for you to eat right. As a nutrition coach, I can assist you in achieving a variety of objectives: to support muscle gain with the right foods, to control your weight, to increase your performance, or to improve your wellbeing. Nutrition can even play a vital role when you are recovering after an injury or when you are suffering from a chronic inflammation or a sleeping disorder.

Meat and fish, fruits and vegetables: These are the foods we have been able to handle since the Stone Age. Then, humans began to settle down, raise animals and grow crops; dairy and grain foods were added to the human diet though the immune system had a problem with these foods right from the start.
Since then, evolution has not changed that much. This is why it makes sense to consider what humans have always eaten and what our bodies can cope with as well as what happens if we omit or add specific foods.

In the initial consultation, I will analyze your drinking and eating habits and suggest you keep a food diary for a certain period of time, noting down how often, when, what and how you eat. I will advise you on how to move on from processed foods to fresh products, how to distinguish between good and bad fatty acids, and how to reduce the impact of bad foods. I will also provide exercise tips.

My nutrition counseling approach is based on scientific findings. It is a great feeling for the client – and also for me – to find out after two months on a changed diet that a person has lost 20 kilos without ever feeling hungry – or working out, for that matter, because a 16-hour workday did not leave any room for that. By the way, this particular client never returned to his former weight.