Myofascial Therapy

myofasciale therapie

As many symptoms are rooted in a hardening of the connective tissue and deep-seated constraints, I also use deep tissue techniques in my treatment that address the fascia and activate the metabolism in certain areas of the connective tissue.

Twists or bonding of fiber strands in the myofascial system increase the basic muscles tension and reduce muscle strength and stamina. Pain is not necessarily felt where the cause lies; sometimes a disorder also manifests itself in a totally different spot. A chronic cramping of the leg, for instance, can irritate the knee joint or even the lumbar spine.

A hardening of tissue in the forearm can cause a shoulder problem or a tennis elbow. Sprains, repetitive sports injuries, stiff shoulders and discomfort in the neck, back, elbow, knee or foot either may require a treatment of the deep muscle tissue and ankles, or specific stretching to release the fascia again.