Kinesio Tape

kinesio taping

About 30 years ago, the Japanese chiropractor Kenzo Kase developed a special tape that is highly elastic, breathable and skin friendly. It stretches and contracts like a second skin, does not restrict mobility, relieves pain and stimulates the metabolism.

Athletes stabilize specific muscles and joints with the tape and stimulate their lymphatic and nervous system. A special form of acupuncture is also possible with the tape. Via stimulation of the receptors in the joints, a good sense of movement can be reached.

In Medical Taping, the therapist treats the injured joint without taking its mobility. The elastic tape stabilizes the affected area and massages the skin with every movement while the muscles and the lymphatic system remain active. Once the pressure in the affected tissue decreases, healing accelerates and pain subsides. This way torn muscle fiber, for instance, can heal in half the time. However, opinions differ widely as regards the effect of different colors of the tape. For example, kinesiology considers red and pink as stimulating. In my opinion, this issue is not relevant to the treatment and its effect.