Functional Movement Screen


The Functional Movement Screen (for further information please see consists of seven motion tests that test your spine, shins as well as hand, knee and ankle joints in particular to determine their mobility and stability. This examination method has been recognized in the U.S. since 1998. As a graduate of the first German FMS training course, I can determine your ability to engage in sports activities as well as your biomechanical deficits that have to be considered or remedied.

FMS allows us to reliably determine your biomechanical deficits and pain areas so that your progress can later be measured in a re-test. Potential deficits include: the limited mobility of a shoulder, shortened muscles, a lack of stability of the spine, or asymmetries in body structure. Even though you think that you can do your workout as usual, you might actually accommodate pain by including pain compensatory movements, which change your exercises and make them less efficient. As a result, your musculoskeletal system may be strained inappropriately, which can lead to further problems. FMS is a basic examination method and the starting point for many possible forms of treatment.