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My experience has shown that the causes of discomfort and pain are often multi-dimensional. This is why I have developed this holistic, interdisciplinary approach that combines a number of methods. My Personal Vitality Concept considers a client’s stress levels and psychological situation as well as their social environment and our evolutionary background.

Exercise and nutrition have changed dramatically over time and these changes have a significant effect on our organs and the immune system. With specific mental and physical training, we will balance your entire body.

Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology

kpniA person is more than the sum of their body parts. Especially the non-visible elements – such as the immune system, the neurological system and the mind – influence our wellbeing. In turn, if our wellbeing is disturbed, we become sick. Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology is a holistic approach that takes into account how life treats us.


Nutrition Counseling

ernaehrungscoachingFood is for the body what oil and fuel are for an engine. It is important for you to eat right. As a nutrition coach, I can assist you in achieving a variety of objectives: to support muscle gain with the right foods, to control your weight, to increase your performance, or to improve your wellbeing. Nutrition can even play a vital role when you are recovering after an injury or when you are suffering from a chronic inflammation or a sleeping disorder.


Personal Training

personal trainingPersonal Training is a one-on-one coaching of a client, with physical or mental training. The coach adjusts the program to the health status, the needs, requests, and goals of the client and compiles an individual plan according to insights and training methods. Training can be absolved at the client’s home or outdoors, on the beach, in the park, or in the forest. People who did not achieve their goals by themselves in fitness studios or through a diet reach out for the motivation and supervision of a personal trainer.



physiotherapieA good therapist does not only check what the prescription says. If it states ‘knee treatment’, for instance, I would consider it just too easy to ignore the rest of the person who comes to my office.


Manual Therapy

manuelle therapieFor thousands of years, people have applied different grips and massage techniques to relieve back pain. This is the origin of the manual therapy, a sub-discipline of physiotherapy that requires additional training. It is a way to detect deficits as well as to treat them. Manual therapy addresses nerves, muscles and joints alike, and can alleviate or eliminate pain and discomfort in the musculoskeletal system.


Osteopathic Techniques

osteopathieThe parietal osteopathy treats the musculoskeletal system. Cranio-sacral osteopathy treats the central nervous system while visceral osteopathy focuses on the internal organs. This concept builds to a great extent on the self-regulating forces of our bodies.


Myofascial Therapy

myofasciale therapieAs many symptoms are rooted in a hardening of the connective tissue and deep-seated constraints, I also use deep tissue techniques in my treatment that address the fascia and activate the metabolism in certain areas of the connective tissue.


Sports Physiotherapy

sportphysiotherapieSports Physiotherapists supervise athletes before and during competition with a focus on both their physical and mental condition. Together with the trainer, they ensure that the athletes can draw on their full potential.


Medical Training Therapy

med trainings therapieMedical training therapy is a specific, physical training for treating a condition that restricts a person’s mobility.


Functional Movement Screen

fmsThe Functional Movement Screen (for further information please see consists of seven motion tests that test your spine, shins as well as hand, knee and ankle joints in particular to determine their mobility and stability. This examination method has been recognized in the U.S. since 1998. As a graduate of the first German FMS training course, I can determine your ability to engage in sports activities as well as your biomechanical deficits that have to be considered or remedied.


Sports Massage

sportmassageSports massages make sense before, during and after professional sports activities and serve different functions.



massageA massage is relaxing and stimulates perfusion, lowers the blood pressure and heart rate, relieves pain, speeds up healing processes and increases cell metabolism in tissues.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

lymphaticmassageThe manual lymphatic drainage is among the common physical therapies. Swelling subsides, the gastrointestinal tract is stimulated, your skeletal muscles relax – and so do you.


Kinesio Tape

kinesio tapingAbout 30 years ago, the Japanese chiropractor Kenzo Kase developed a special tape that is highly elastic, breathable and skin friendly. It stretches and contracts like a second skin, does not restrict mobility, relieves pain and stimulates the metabolism.