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Sport is my life. I enjoy swimming and basketball as well as riding a racing or mountain bike. I often go hiking and enjoy outdoor life. I take a lot of city trips and am often regarded as a globetrotter. I like beach holidays as much as being active in my free time. I might spend my nights away from home in a nice hotel or camping, such as recently when I went backpacking in New Zealand. I draw on all these activities and their great variety to replenish my energy for the work I do.

I was born in Dresden in 1981 and grew up in the picturesque town of Lindau on Lake Constance. When I was young, my great dream was to become a professional athlete. But when I do something I want to do it perfectly. As far as sport is concerned, I have never quite reached what I had aimed at; though I started swimming at the age of four and was a competitive swimmer for nine years as well as a member of a basketball team all through my teens years. Nevertheless, sport was the incentive for my career choice. It spurred my interest in the secrets of the human body, so I studied physiotherapy as well as sport physiotherapy, which gave me a way to stay connected to sport as well as successful professional athletes.

My career as a certified personal trainer and cPNI therapist (clinical psychoneuroimmunology) included a number of extensive qualification programs, which I competed in the course of the past decade. In 2002, I started training at the physiotherapy school in Würzburg, which I completed with the state examination. Ever since, I have participated in further training courses, ranging from medical therapy (2008) and manual therapy (2009) to Functional Movement Screening (2013). In 2009, I completed sport physiotherapy training with the German Olympic Sports Confederation and passed the exam to be an official DOSB sports physiotherapist. At the same time, I acquired the qualifications required to become a therapist for the Olympic Games. Two years after completing my training, I was an accredited sports physiotherapist with the German Ski Association and the German Swimming Association. The Olympic spirit meant a lot to me because I had the opportunity to accompany numerous athletes in their most important moment in life. And I felt that hardly any of them would have been happy with just an ‘It’s the taking part that counts.’ I share their ambition of wanting to be the best. My work has shown me that I have a valuable talent: to motivate people to step up their efforts and be the best they can be.

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I believe that sport provide the perfect balance for the body and the mind, by strengthening the heart as well as the circulatory and muscular systems. It is important to choose a discipline you enjoy; otherwise finding the motivation to exercise would become too much of an effort. But even if your mind is all for it, the body might say no and refuse to move. In such a case, it is necessary to look for energetic barriers that need to be overcome.

My career at various orthopedic and surgical institutions have made me the professional I am today. During my three years at the prestigious Medical Park St. Hubertus rehabilitation center in the Bavarian town of Bad Wiessee, I worked with world champions in the Nordic combined, among others. I also treated a former national soccer coach after a hip joint replacement. Other patients came from Russia and the Arab regions. One of them, a manager from Cairo, asked me to come to Egypt for several weeks and continue his treatment after a spinal surgery at home. He wanted to recover and get back to work as quickly as possible, and so I became a personal trainer for the first time in my life. In 2013, I became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine).

At the beginning of this decade, I was working in Munich when I won the American green card lottery. I had loved traveling the U.S. even as a teenager and had always dreamt of emigrating to America one day, or at least relocating there for a while. In 2013, itchy feet and a thirst for adventure led me to Hawaii, where I started a new life in Honolulu and fulfilled my dream. These past months shaped me in various ways. I was introduced to new approaches and reassured to support my clients in achieving goals by applying my own Vitality Concept, accompanying them on their way and helping them to accomplish long-lasting results. I returned to Munich – this is my working base and the starting point from which I can be at your service, all over the world. 

An important mentor on my way toward self-employment was Professor Dr. med. Christoph Lill, a renowned Munich-based orthopedic surgeon, who gave me the opportunity to gain experience in working with international patients from Arab countries, Russia and China. I expanded my services and built up my knowledge and skills in the treatment of amateur athletes and clients of all ages, mainly people in demanding positions who often suffer from lack of exercise.

Some say that my joyful manner is contagious. I have to admit that I am a true optimist. And maybe it is my empathic qualities that allow me to put myself in someone else’s position and to look beyond science and technology, at the person.


Professional Qualifications

  • Therapist for clinical Psychoneuroimmunology (2013)
  • Licensed NASM Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine) (2013)
  • Licensed Sports Physiotherapist with the German Olympics Sports Confederation (2009)
  • Certified Manual Therapist (2009)
  • Nationally Certified Physiotherapist (2005)


Additional Qualifications


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Website: www.bv-osteopathie.de
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Website: www.functionalmovement.com
 img5   NASM – US-American National Academy of Sports Medicine
Website: www.nasm.org
 img3   kPNI – Originator of Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology
Website: www.kpni.de
 img4   TRX – Originator of the TRX Suspension Training Method and manufacturer of the according equipment
Website: www.trxtraining.com
 img7   Perform Better – The experts in functional training, rehabilitation and sports performance
Website: www.performbetter.com