Are you looking for physio theapy and a developmental program that improves your mobility? Are you striving for more exercise and a healthier diet? As an amateur or professional athlete, do you want to define your own performance limit new? Or do you even want to push the reset button and change your life from scratch?

Vitality, health, energy and athletic performance - which ever is your personal goal: don't delay it to sometime. It's all about lust for live. The good news: Success is projectable. As your Personal Vitality Coach, I am always there, wenn you are trying to restore your balance or when you are trying to bring out the best in you. In order to achieve your aims, I am offering you various packages which can be brought in line with your lifestyle.

I am a licensed physical therapist in Germany and, I was licensed by the US National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as a Personal Trainer.  On your way to ideal vitality, I am looking forward to welcoming you in my premises in the heart of Munich. Outside of my opening hours, you can of course book my services at other times, e.g. on the weekends and schedule trainings with me.

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